Management Team

Management Team 2021-07-05T17:09:56-04:00

Nick Cianci (CMA), President

As the current Owner / Operator of Quad Logistix Inc. & UAD Inc. (3rd Party Warehouse & Distribution), Nick Cianci is a thought-leader and innovator who oversees the management of both organizations and provides strategic direction. As the former VP of Strategic Planning for Bata Shoe Organization, Nick implemented strategic planning as the basis for corporate governance, strategic vision, resource allocation processes and supply chain management. Prior to this, he served as the Vice President of Finance and Operations for the Canadian subsidiary of Gillette. Nick Cianci started his career at Deloitte & Touch.

Barton Shakura, CFO/CIO

Barton has over 12 years’ experience in finance and information technology in the warehousing industry. His responsibilities include the management, coordination, design and implementation of information technology strategies driving both UAD Inc and Quad Logistix Inc. initiatives in providing top tier ERP and warehousing solutions. Additionally, he manages the finance department and provides support and direction to the management team with a goal of unparalleled customer support.

Sam Haddad, Accounting Supervisor

Sam joined Quad Logistix in 2010 and with his six years of accounting experience he is able to offer the company a broad range of business expertise including tax, accounting and finance. He has an extensive background in various sectors including construction, real estate, retail, wholesale and public accounting. Sam is responsible for the full accounting cycle, fixed assets, budgeting, financial analysis and monitoring financial performance of Quad Logistix and UAD Inc. Sam holds a bachelor degree in finance and accounting and he is currently enrolled with the Certified General Accountants of Ontario (CGA) and with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Vivek Desai, Inventory Control Manager

As Inventory Manager for Quad Logistix Inc & Quad Food Services Inc, Vivek brings over 10 years’ experience in all aspects of Inventory Control including a meticulous and detailed approach to cycle count programs, inventory reconciliations and root cause analysis. Vivek guides the management team in the best practice approach to staff training involving facility staff, inventory maintenance and reporting. Vivek holds a Bachelor degree in Science and Post Graduate certificate in Global Logistics and
Supply Chain Management.

Sal Infante, Operations Manager

Sal Joined Quad Logistix Inc. and Quad Food Services Inc. in October 2014, as Manager of Operations. Over 25 Years of Experience in the area of Logistics, Warehouse Management and Manufacturing. Sal has previously worked for the follow companies Royal Group Technologies, UTi Worldwide Logistics and Pneus Touchette Tire Distribution. Sal is responsible for overall operations and client service aspects for multiple facilities within the Quad Family of Companies.