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QUAD Services Overview

QUAD’s suite of boutique-style warehousing services allow flexibility that meets the individual needs of client operations…going beyond the standard contracts of most 3PL operations.  Our services include:

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Inventory Management (RF Enabled)

QUAD Inventory Management Services

QUAD can perform real time physical inventories or cycle counts or supply vs. demand analysis to keep inventory properly matched to each client.  Inventory Rotation Rules lets QUAD manage perishable items using lot control, expiry date and best-before date. All receipt and storage of your inventory is done in our secure and clean facility which offers advanced features like:

  • system access cards / points
  • survelliance cameras
  • security caged areas

Order Fulfillment

QUAD Order Fulfillment Services

With flexible user definable business logic and web-based self service tools, QUAD’s order fulfillment capabilities provide the flexibility you need…when you need it.  And with 24/7 access to the order fulfillment portal, clients can oversee their orders  in real time from any location using a web browser.

Pick & Pack

QUAD Pick Pack Services

Depending on the turnaround needed, QUAD offers pick, pack & ship services within 24 hours from the time an order is received.  From straight forward pick and pack to more complex kitting and light assembly, QUAD can handle a wide variety of processes including packaging materials and customized packing lists.

Cross Dock Operations

QUAD Cross Dock Operations

In the event that clients want to eliminate the need for storage, QUAD offers a comprehensive cross dock operation to streamline the flow of shipments from the point of origin directly to the point of sale.

Reverse Engineering Programs

Rework & Reverse Engineering Services

QUAD offers Reverse Engineering & Rework Programs to help its clients save money.  Depending on the need and/or product requirement, QUAD has the facility to take older discontinued products (or damaged merchandise), rebuild and repackage them for retail turnaround complete with warranty.  Our highly skilled and experienced product technicians understand the products and utilize the latest tools in order to provide consistent, reliable, and the highest quality results.

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Find out more about the comprehensive services

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