About Us

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Who We Are

Quad Logistix Inc. is an independent, Canadian owned and operated full service expedited transportation & logistics provider.   Established in 1998, Quad offers unmatched total logistics solutions to multiple merchandise manufacturers and distributors across a range of industries as well as furnishing customs broker/ freight forwarding services to international clients.

QUAD Logistix’s main warehousing & distribution facility is located in Brampton Ontario, just minutes from North America’s 5th largest airport – Pearson International Airport.  Strategically located in the mid-Canadian distribution hub and close to all “400” series highways and nearby inter-modal yards, the facility can provide 2-4 day ground service to 80% of the Canada’s consumer base.

QUAD’s Level 3 ULC secure infrastructure is fully alarmed, monitored and offers full security access through all access points.  The warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art RF technology and material handling equipment capable of handling order sizes ranging from ones and twos to pallet size shipments.  Governed by a highly scalable warehouse management system that connects information and resource management in real-time, QUAD’s process-driven operation is capable of coordinating order fulfillment, changing customer demands, new inventory rules and trading partner requirements with consistent results.

What We Do

QUAD Logistix 3PL Services
Quad Logistix offers an extensive portfolio of 3PL and 4PL services as well as custom tailored ‘boutique style’ warehousing.  As a fully integrated  distribution operation we provide Total Supply Chain Management and a One-Stop logistic shopping experience through our dedicated and shared facilities.  Our customer directed services include:

  1. Inventory Management (RF Enabled)
  2. Order Fulfillment
  3. Pick & Pack
  4. Cross Dock Operations
  5. Light Assembly
  6. Re-Work programs
  7. Cost effective short-term storage
  8. Transportation Management

Your considerable advantages include:

  1. A professional office and distribution staff committed to providing solutions to your logistic challenges and requirements.
  2. A team environment that guarantees the care and quality performance necessary to do the job properly and professionally. Your business and the impact that we make on your behalf is first and foremost.
  3. A full range of materials handling equipment and storage options that is customized to your requirements. We supply full inventory and distribution services or basic peak season overflow storage regardless of your company’s size or volume; one pallet or one thousand pallets.
  4. No more concerns related to capital expenses and long term liabilities with respect to labour management, operational issues and the utilization of unused storage space (or the need for more).
  5. Secure modern, clean, conveniently located facilities in close proximity to the greater Toronto market area, with easy arterial access.

Why We Do It

QUAD Why We Do It

Third-Party Logistics operators know that in serving multiple customers, each with distinct requirements and preferences, flexibility is paramount. To remain competitive and grow the business, manufacturers and retailers alike must find a way to reduce costly labour intensive operations and facility overhead while ensuring the ‘just-in-time’ needs of end customers.

Unlike many 3PL operators, QUAD Logistix’ team knew that to compete effectively, it must provide its customers with superior warehouse services and up to the second information combined with the agility to meet customer specific demands quickly and with maximum flexibility. QUAD has developed a lean process-driven operation that integrates customer-centric processes with warehouse operations that streamlines procedures and performance monitoring.

By doing this, QUAD can provide its customers with the coordination needed to develop and maintain a responsive supply chain.

What Makes Us Different

What Makes QUAD Different
With client retention of over 99%, we understand that, more than service, communication is the key to customer satisfaction. We never forget that as a supplier, we have been hired by you – our Customer. Only as long as there remains a benefit in maintaining this employment are we able to create the opportunity to earn your trust.

It is the practice of Quad Logistix Inc. and its employee, agents & suppliers, to identify the needs and wants of our customer. Through constant improvement, increased efficiencies, and employee involvement on all levels, we strive to achieve maximum quality, service and value while providing a seamless, fully integrated and customized “Logistics Solution”.

De-Trash and Recycle

QUAD De-Trash & Recycle

QUAD is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and upholding corporate green initiatives in all its warehousing processes.  We recycle all packaging and shipping materials to ensure that nothing is wasted and put back in landfills.